Advice dating independent woman

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And it also doesn’t mean we are just looking for a quick heat of the moment with a person.

This conversation has happened to me on a number of occasions since being back on the dating scene.

If you think of independent female characters depicted in films or on TV they are usually branded with being hard faced, selfish and guarded. Being an independent woman doesn’t mean we like being on our own in our romantic lives.Maybe it’s a security thing, if you can get them to stay with you they must really like you, or maybe a power thing.Whatever the reason, independence comes hand in hand with stubbornness and it’s probably going to be impossible to change that person. Travelling a lot but wanting to date had forced me into finding guys in a way I’d rather not; dating apps.She is a busy woman and doesn’t want or need her hand constantly held.She needs a man who works his life alongside her instead of trying to intertwine the two.

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