Bob jone interracial dating

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As a student put it, “My own personal belief is that God has made races perfect.God has made whites perfect and blacks and Orientals, and he hasn’t given us any reason to intermix those races. It's not a policy that discriminates against the whites or the blacks or the Orientals, but it’s a policy that is equal to all three of the races.” Excuse me -- all three of the races? What bothers me most is that someone like Bob Jones can preach what he likes, including prejudice and animosity towards other religions, and can shape the minds of impressionable college students, all under the guise of freedom of religion. Sadly, Bob Jones can stand on his soapbox and preach what he likes, and no one can stop him.Religious freedom and allowing others to believe and practice what they want is one of the ideas upon which this country was founded.Yet if Bob Jones kept insisting that he was not anti-Catholic, what would cause others to think so? Sure enough, upon reading a transcript of Larry King interviewing Bob Jones, I found a clue.Don’t they teach students at BJU that not everyone falls so neatly into one of those three categories? After the media spotlight hit BJU, suddenly the ban on interracial dating was dropped. ” If Jones claims the rule is so insignificant, then why was it implemented for so many years, and why do students have such strong views favoring the ban?

While Bob Jones III deliberately sought to deceive Larry King and his audience by saying, "...

Additionally, their interracial marriage views were taught from the chapel platform within the last generation of students, Bob Jones III doing the honors personally four years before his Larry King Live interview in 2000!

Jonathan Pait, BJU's current public relations guru, knows the truth.

As Jones later ranted and raved about all of the liberals at Harvard and Yale, King had to remind him that George W. Jones had nothing to counter with except “Well, it's possible for a man to come through the system and not buy into it.” What about the allegations of racism?

In the course of defending himself from such allegations, Jones managed to insinuate that blacks and other races come from broken homes and abusive families.

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