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Planting between April 20 and May 5 resulted in 100% yield potential, although a 99% yield potential could still be achieved with a planting date up to May 20.A significant yield reduction occurred only once when the planting date was extended to late May or June.Corn planted between March 15 and April 15 yielded similarly.

Bob Klein Extension Western Nebraska Crops Specialist Earlier this spring the National Corn Growers Association issued a release reminding growers to develop an Insect Resistance Management Plan (IRM) and follow refuge requirements to prevent or delay the development of insect resistance to new technologies.

Therefore, 2006 results are not shown here in detail as more years need to be accumulated first.

In general, the 2006 date showed a positive yield response to early planting dates with yields dropping off past mid-May; the optimum window was generally between April 15 and May 10.

A planting date that was too early (between March 20 and April 5) or too late (between May 5 and May 20) yielded significantly less.

Overall, past and present research has shown a small yield loss with very early planting dates and a larger yield loss with late planting dates.

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