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In order to dramatize a specific narrative, I had to exclude other uses.

The CEIVA frame most certainly is limited to use as gifts from grown children to their parents.

The skull was found in northern New South Wales in late 2011, and police initially prepared themselves for a gruesome murder investigation.

But scientific testing revealed that not only was it much older than expected, but possibly belonged to a white man born around 1650, well before Englishman Cook reached the eastern seaboard on the Endeavour in 1770.

And all because I put my faith in the vivid, dramatic power of specifics.

Keep In Touch with the People You Love I helped script that video, and, in doing so, I had to make two choices: These seem like straightforward decisions, but both of them involve sacrifices, and so most writers never make them.

For instance, I might dramatize how my client fired his old supplier of roof vents when they wouldn’t change their design to prevent leaks.

Theatre Director: 1: Russian Tea Party (Kings Head Theatre) 2: Uncle Uncle (Barons Court Theatre) 3: Hero (Kings Head Theatre) 4: Vapour Trails (Kings Head Theatre) Plays classical guitar, stage management, operates lighting and sound desk; Swimming, writing short stories and poems.

Have faith in your viewers to conclude the general from the specific, rather than the other way around. The general idea I wanted to get across was “grandparents get to see their grandkids’ life in real time, which helps them have more meaningful conversations with them.” But that general description lacks any sort of emotional power. Moving this to the content marketing realm, instead of blogging about meta-topics or generalities, why not try doing a series of posts on highly specific aspects of your membership site, niche field, product, or service?

So I had to pick a specific instance of this — the boy’s new red bicycle — in order to dramatize it.

Of course, in telling this tale, I’d be as vivid as possible, making the mini-drama come to life inside the imaginations of my listeners.

I won’t ever have to say “committed to quality,” I’d get the listeners to make that conclusion for me.

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