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The application of economic principles to something everyone has experience with—dating—will help readers figure out how to behave in any market.”Alvin E.

He's an expert on matching markets, but rather than write about them abstractly, he uses his own experiences re-joining the dating market after a long absence as extended, instructive example.

The benefits of a relationship with you might be worth the cost.

The following are assumptions were made in creating the models:-All market participants are acting rationally and in their own self-interests.-All market participants have an equal opportunity to meet.-All market participants are currently between 18 and 45 years of age.-All market participants are under jurisdiction of U. marriage laws.-All market participants live in a large city or metropolitan area. Focus on your career and wait for your prime at age 35 to 45.-Between 19 and 28 years old?

It's also funny and personal---the author's warmth and self-deprecating sense of humor come through.

I discovered this book because my fiancee listens to Freakonomics radio and heard a hilarious fascinating interview with the writer.

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