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op.being mixed race myself but born and raised british,i would say i can see good in all sides but i do believe the powers in charge are to blame for all the trouble that is happening british are losing their identity due to bowing to every others whinging.

my father was born in india and came over here in 1959 he had to abide by british law or he would have been booted out,it was not a discrimaling law, it was the law.

George, out the windows of their houses as it might offend some immigrants living down the street.thanks tall graham thats the point i was trying to say,in wales the welsh flag can fly in scotland too but why oh why can the flag of st george not ?

,i am proud to be mixed raced but i am english first born and bred.

you respect the home nations they in turn respect you.englands,wales,scotland,ireland have their own identities and laws those that dont like it should either catch the first plane,boat or even swim out of if you choose to stay you should be made to swear to uphold our laws and swear to defend our island against all foes just like you have to in the states .

I note with disdain You often hear about English/British people saying that their culture is being lost.

If we had not had centuries of immigration and emigration YOUR toe and finger count might be a tad different.

Scots or Scottish thank you, Scotch is a drink last time I checked. Living in England as I do, I never really hear anyone complain of their dying culture.When I say English I mean ANY person for whom English is their nationality and their home country.And also when I say English I mean ANYONE who fits the previous sentence and follows ANY religion they choose to follow.Interesting slip of the finger or lack of that the only countrymen you have given a capital letter to is English. In fact, if anything, it seems people go out of their way to make their culture very much known and alive.I for one embrace all the different cultures, it enriches your life when you take the time to educate yourself about the world around you. or are you being racist towards the english,the labour have so watered down our herritage its disgusting, trying an suceeding in taking us off the map, an filling this once great country with sodding immigrants,an expecting us to kaw taw to them, cause there not losing anything by living in uk!

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