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Incanto is interrupted by his landlord Monica Landis, who believes he is a writer and who is romantically interested in him. Elsewhere, Mulder learns that Lauren met a man in a chatroom, and researches Incanto's online accounts.

They find that he had started one account using a credit card taken from a previous victim.

"2Shy" also marked Steve Kiziak's first appearance as Duchovny's body double.

The episode was viewed by almost people in its initial broadcast, and drew mixed reviews from critics.

Incanto is forced to flee before he can fully dissolve the body.

In this episode, Mulder and Scully investigate a spate of "lonely hearts" murders targeting overweight women.Kaminsky stands up Incanto while he waits at a restaurant.He leaves, murdering a slightly overweight prostitute who injures him in a struggle.The man, the charismatic and handsome Virgil Incanto (Timothy Carhart), suffocates his overweight date, Lauren, with a gelatinous substance he spits up.The next morning, a policeman finds Lauren's body, covered in the substance.

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