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First time I used cheapcarriben site to book a trip, when we arrived we didn't have a room our reservation didn't go through, the front desk personnel resolved the issue. The staff was nothing but polite and more than willing to accommodate whatever requests were given to them. We asked for a floor on the upper level and ended up on the first we brought this to her attention she took hours and several calls to get a new room an the room she put us in e as a view of trash.We got a room in 1 hour, we didn't have a nice view, our room was the last one on the first floor. We also did a Dunns river falls and Bob Marley tour, it was Ok. They were extremely inviting and fun and really paid attention to small details that may seem insignificant to others. The specialty restaurants were really delicious and the staff was very inviting and polite. Eventually we had someone else help I cannot remember the name but it was a young man.And don't you love knowing you're getting the complete all-inclusive package - tons of activities, delicious foods, and drinks anytime you want (and no one is counting.) It's your vacay - everything little thing's gonna be all right.Me and my husband stayed at the resort for 6 nights.If you have any further questions, you may contact the resort directly or call and speak to one of our Beachologists at 1-800-915-2322.

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You were required to venture over to Mo-Bay to participate in the performances.You are not allowed to access the Palace, you are only allowed to walk across the beach at the water's edge with a guard watching you, to get to the Mo Bay. You just have to eat at your resort if you want to do dinner at the restaurants.Please check with the resort for the most up to date information. But you have access to the buffets and bars at all.I recommend calling into the site instead of booking completely online.Cheap Caribbean will be waiting at the airport & present throughout your stay at the resort. you can catch one at the airport and will take you to the Reggae in no time.

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