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Which had come in handy a couple of times before I finally cut the land-line and went DSL only [though they've jacked up the rate to where it makes little difference now, probably won't do dual-homed home networking should I ever move....]But, was trying the OBI110 with a 'home phone' base from AT&T wireless (but using my pre-existing AT&T prepaid SIM rather than the one they wanted to sell me) as its failover for my Alarm system (but when Google Voice was going to cease for Obi Hai....I switched to having the Alarm system use it directly for its backup, since it uses IP (DSL) as its primary (and I have the OBI110 using my Cox Cable HSI), but...I found it makes regular test calls on it...slowly consuming 10 cent minutes....though not faster than the required minimum payments to keep the SIM alive. (for periodic wee hours alerts that my backup line had stopped working for less than a minute....alerts that I got because the primary connection remained available...)I had tried doing PCPhone Power with the OBI202, but after a few days, I get a call saying that somehow I had created two identical orders at the same time and that in order to proceed I needed to make the second order different, before they can continue to process both orders. So, I tried out the details for doing 'free' callcentric...eventually Google Voice continued to work on the devices...which is just as well, since Callcentric cancelled my 'free' inbound because I wasn't using it enough.The last time I had done a number port...took 3 days but the old service continued to work right up to the switch. (neither Lingo or Vonage had local Manhattan, KS numbers...which I needed since I was working for the state, which required I be reachable as a local call.)The monthly charges for "DID - Personal Unlimited" and "North America Basic (120 minutes)" is about 2/3's what I was paying for Broadvoice BYOD...I later added a "DID - Dirt Cheap DID" and setup 'distinctive ring for my fax machine'...that once a blue moon when I need it (though I've used it a bit more than that in recent times...out of work since Jan 15th...)In the meantime, Broadvoice charge appears on my card for Feb7-Mar6... I appeal and it is removed...Broadvoice charges me for Mar7-Apr6....dispute then appeal again.Then Apr7-May6....dispute/appeal/offered merchant block-yes. The block didn't get done, so there's a charge for May7-Jun6....merchant block get's done this time...though the charge didn't get reversed. Then very early this morning (2 hours before I got up...)... PCPhone Power calls my formerly Broadvoice number to say that I need to update my credit card information or face disconnection and a re-connection charge. Guess the block worked, since the card (AMEX) doesn't expire for about another 4 years....Broadvoice had given the name of its 'proxy_ip' as "". And, further investigation eventually led to the discovery that it should've been "". I set up custom greetings, but so far it is greeting me with the system default one.

I later picked up an OBI110, as I hoped to have it work similar to an SPA-3000 that I had used with my Broad Voice service after I got bored of using it with the DPH-540, and needed something more dependable, but still had land-line (since AT&T wasn't yet offering naked DSL at the time....) for failover.*** --- ***July-ish, 2006=========I got it....a DPH-540!With no great surprise, I bought myself a D-Link DPH-540 Wi Fi Vo IP phone. And, when I got home from work...close to the first thing I did was signup with Broad The first obstacle, was that it wouldn't register with my Wi Fi network and get an IP. I had forgotten to add its MAC address to my Wi Fi AP, to allow it to connect.I also tried Magic Jack, which had just come out with its PC-less offering...intercept the calls into their own version of 'free conference calling', but it doesn't bridge to the other so was totally useless for my need and the national non-profit that I'm not in charge of....I ended up getting a Verizon prepaid phone, with its unlimited /day only on the days you use it plan....

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