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Points of actuation: The current design features the following articulations: Neck: twist and up/down, Mouth: open/close and smile/frown, Eyes: side to side and up/down, Eyelids: open/close and wink, Brow: up/down.We plan to continue development on the platform including the addition of further points of actuation.Limited use possible offline, once secure login has been established.Audio: Audio is transferred from the Harmony app via Bluetooth to an onboard embedded speaker.We currently contract with Region 7 Moore Center Services, One Sky Community Services Region 8, Region 10 Community Support Services and the Merrimack Valley Department of Mental Retardation.

If you pre-order the system, you will be able to make your final selections prior to production. it’s own name and then begin interacting through normal dialog.Coupled with the customizable nature of the Harmony app, and the ever growing number of TTS synthesized voices available, one could truly create any character imaginable.Realbotix welcomes custom work and may also consider licensing this technology in the future.Vision system: We are currently in development of a vision system featuring stereoscopic cameras in the robot's eyes, one near field camera and one wide angle camera.The eyes themselves have removable fronts, so that the eye color can easily changed by the end user.

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