Introvert relationships dating

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The question I'm asked more than any other when it comes to relationships is: Are introvert-introvert unions best because they understand each other's ways?

Shyness is fear of social judgment, and often stems from low self-esteem.

Tell your introverted date what love means to you—it’s likely to be very different from what they look for.

But also lay bare your expectations for your partner.

Many introverts have sought it, imagining quiet nights at home with takeout and Netflix. If neither of them relish going out and talking to strangers, how do they meet in the first place?

Introvert-introvert couples are actually pretty common. When doing research for my upcoming book, The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World, I found that about half of the introverts I surveyed who were currently in a relationship were partnered with a fellow introvert.

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