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Wherever you go, whenever you go, men are going to stare at you. Why, it is like circus here, and you are the 3 eyed bearded woman!This will happen especially if you are alone outside or with female friend.PHR particularly raised the issue of medical neutrality in war time, accusing the Gaddafi forces of attacking hospitals, clinics and ambulances, and preventing doctors from reaching or treating injured civilians.Meanwhile, Amnesty International, which is based in London, also accused pro-Gaddafi guards of raping child detainees, but added that Libyan rebels are abusing children and holding migrant workers as prisoners.The father is said to have carried out the ‘honour killings’ because of his humiliation and shame at the rape of the sisters – aged 15, 17 and 18 – in Tomina, on the outskirts of Misrata. The horrific story was one of a number to emerge from Misrata after the group sent in a team of interviewers in June to catalogue human rights abuses just after Libyan forces expelled Gaddafi loyalists.But PHR also noted that 'some in Tomina have stood up against this practice, including a well-known sheik who has publicly advocated for raped women and girls to be seen as brave and bringing honor to their families'.

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To the place where your neighbors greet you and don't look away.Having your husband and 3 children in the tow is not going to make much difference either. But there are days, when it is just too much and when I would most like to slam as many times as I can into that Libyan car whose driver is making it just too clear what he wants from me. To the place when I can walk on the street and not one guy is going to yell obscenity after me.When I feel like that, I think that anywhere else would be fine. To the place where I can sit in a cafe and have coffee without the waiter coming and asking where am I from, and then mentioning that he heard woman there like to party.I feel this is realy crazy There are both advantages n disadvantages in Internet and there are many bad girls and boys in this world who don't know about computers...It's the boy or girl who must choose good or bad in life... I want to learn different cultures and different people...

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