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I just walked in and looked around the bar to search out my date and he just stood right next to me waiting until I noticed him.A year and half later, he asked me to marry him while we were stargazing next to a river in Washington and we got married six months later, this past November.' He was the first and only guy to cut straight to the chase.There's nothing I hated more about online dating than the guys who want to text or email for ages and never actually meet in person.He gave me his number within a day and then we started texting.About a week later, we met in person and we've been together ever since.At one point, I had a different date every night and Tinder almost started to feel like an addiction. Kurt first wrote me in July 2014, saying, 'Hi there' with a smiley face.

We spent each day for the next week finding every excuse we could to see each other.

I told my friends that I would give him 24 hours to chat me before I officially deleted the app.

"We spent a few days texting each other before he asked me out on a date for that Friday.

I already had plans with my roommates who had a serious rule about prioritizing friends over boys, so I sat them down and told them that my five-day texting streak with Josh was so promising that it called for a rain check on girls' night.

"On our first date, he took me to a place where we got to paint while drinking wine.

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