Movie theater dating tips

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And no matter who's paying, don't criticize the other person's snack preference. Loving couples who have been together for a long time can argue over which movie to see, but not you. Part of being in a relationship involves compromise." Your date may want to avoid a movie for any reason — he or she might be a vampire-phobe, for example, or someone who gets headaches watching 3-D movies—and these issues should be respected. Wexler's compilation of contributions received via her site: "We went to the movies, and there were still a few seats in one of the middle rows. One would hope that you've gotten past the need to behave like a teenager injected with cattle hormones while in a darkened theater by now."Fighting about the topic might be a red flag waving," says Dr. For some reason, my date tried to drag me to the very front row, where you have to sit looking straight up at the screen the whole time. "Holding hands isn't too forward, but be very cautious with anything else," warns Dr. It may also invite stern looks from other patrons, and it isn't altogether classy behavior.Things go wrong on dates — the movie can stink (a common issue), the projector can break (uncommon), someone can lose a filling on a Hershey's Skor (rare) — but a good attitude can usually salvage the night.For example, Allen and his date were able to have fun despite going to the wrong theater: "After we skipped the movie, we went to dinner and chatted up some more and got to know each other better," he says.However, movies also afford a strange sort of privacy, since no one's looking at you and sitting in the dark gives you the opportunity to play a number of flirtatious games with your would-be paramour.

Plan the date carefully, arrive on time, and pay attention to your date's body language throughout the date.

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"But if you meet someone in a restaurant or for a drink, there can be extended lulls and gaps in the conversation.

You can spend some time getting to know the other person without having to scramble to think of ways to keep the conversation flowing.

You can sit in the dark, where (for a little while, anyway) you don't have to worry about whether you have spinach in your teeth.

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