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One of the chests, k, holds the key to open the gate at G.In the next room, if you are level 23 or over, you will find the Lich Erandur-Vangaril (A) along with the boss-level chest (B) and a skeleton corpse.

Passion's Progress (April 20, 2000)Edna O'Brien talks about her admiration for Joyce, the importance of myth, and how her new book, Wild Decembers -- in which heartache is prefigured by a tractor -- fits in with her own "inner gnaw" The Foreigner (April 13, 2000)Susan Sontag -- whose new novel, In America, has just been published -- doesn't feel at home in New York, or anywhere else. Epidemic Proportions (March 29, 2000)Malcolm Gladwell, the author of The Tipping Point, finds that epidemics come in many shapes and sizes. More on books in Atlantic Unbound and The Atlantic Monthly.

In 2013 a British-led expedition used a cutting-edge laser scanner to measure several cave systems in unprecedented detail, including Gebihe's Miao Room, modeled here from the original laser data).

Image credit: Juan Velasco/Martin Gamache/Lauren James/NGM Staff/Stefan Fichtel/Ixtract Gmbh/Joe Beeching The photographer’s lights illuminate the green-hued Getu He river in the Miao Room.

When entering you will find yourself in a large room with up to two enemies.

You are, however, on a lower level, initially, so fighting might be challenging.

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