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You could display the text fields in the Row and Column areas, and show a count of the records in the data area.In Excel 2010, and later versions, you can change a field setting to repeat pivot items in all fields, or selected pivot fields. In Excel 2007, and earlier versions, the row headings show once in a Pivot Table, and there's no setting you can change, to force them to repeat.There's a picture here that shows the 'Total' cell: Change pivot table data to horizontal layout There are instructions here for adding the Generate Get Pivot Data button to a toolbar, and toggling the feature on and off You can't change the default settings for the data fields.If a field contains blank cells, or cells with text, it will default to COUNT. There's a feature that changes all the data fields to SUM, in my Pivot Power add-in, that you can download and install.

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To change the date format: The pivot chart can't show grand totals or subtotals.Note: OLAP Pivot Table Extensions has moved to Git Hub. New to release 0.8.3 is a feature to help with heavy Power Pivot users in Excel 2013.After every minor change in Power Pivot, all Pivot Tables refresh.Ron Coderre has a free Pivot Table add-in that lets you view and edit the connection string You can use the Change Data Source command on the Options tab of the Excel Ribbon, to locate the source data for your pivot table You can create a Pivot Table from data on separate sheets (multiple consolidation ranges), but the results may not be exactly what you want.Preserve chart formatting Hide/Show Chart Labels Create a Normal chart from pivot table Add a horizontal line to Pivot Chart Change Pivot Chart without changing Pivot Table Change date format on Chart axis Include grand total in pivot chart Loss of formatting is a known problem with pivot charts.

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