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A minority are ‘rich’ and a vast majority are living 2nd or 3rd World lifestyles.

So that puts a lot of demand on taxes from the business sector. Entire business projects have been placed on hold for years in order to find a resolution to relocating Squaters from a given area that they’ve claimed in mass numbers.

The business that was supposed to give them a way to make an earning became a subsidized money-pit at the expat’s expense.

Because not only do you have the issues to deal with that I just mentioned, you have cultural paradigms at work here that you will not see coming and which can literally cripple even the best-laid business plan. Bill is a savvy, good natured guy who decides to make a new life for himself in the Philippines. Only much, much more interested in grabbing every last taxed peso it can get it’s hands on.

we realize there is no way you can purchase property there in the Philippines … ”Hi Henry, now you’ve been in Philippines and have got to know the place better, what have been your experiences or you’ve heard from others about owning a business or starting a business in Philippines? Henry: I’ve been running a bit behind in answering my reader mail so I figured I’d respond to two questions on the same topic here; business in the Philippines.

anyway I was interested in your previous piggery and now your land in Bohol…

Honestly, the first thought that comes to mind when I think about starting a business here is, “Bad idea.” I’d say that ever since I turned an important corner in my life back in 1985 I have been a huge supporter in running one’s own business.

Prior to 1985 I had always believed that security was found in finding a big company and working as an employee.

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