Sexual chat with robot

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We want another persons' conscious intentions for us acted upon our bodies, and for our intentions to be received as well.

When you opt in to talk with the company's chatbot on Facebook messenger, they introduce you to "four eligible pieces of fruit" and play the matchmaker.

Presumably they will allow you to lean on them as you explain, gigglingly, that you have to "uh, leave early" with them.

Levy writes: [T]he social and psychological benefits will be enormous.

We have words for bestiality, pedophilia, and necrophilia, acts where the sexual object lacks personhood.

The existence of "anti-fap" boards on reddit, as well as the recognition of pornography addiction as a serious problem, is more evidence that something goes wrong when sexual desire is directed away from people. We don't want mere sensations, but to be wanted and accepted by another.

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