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Have you given any thought to where you want to go and more importantly, how you're going to find these people to be our fantasy partners? There are web sites where young men and women advertise their availability for unorthodox arrangements in order to finance their college educations.

I've looked at some of these sites and I'm sure we could find some willing participants that would jump at the chance to take a nice cruise and pick up some extra tuition money in exchange for doing what they'd be doing anyway with somebody else.

I still love you every bit as much as I always have and I wouldn't want to do anything to mess up our relationship at this point.

I really need you to understand that I think this can be a lot of fun for both of us. That's the time when so many marriages get into trouble and somebody ends up having an affair or runs off to 'find themselves' and I don't want that to happen to us." "Even though I'm surprised by this, I do get what you're saying and I'm willing to try something as long as we're both comfortable with it and it doesn't wreck our marriage.

It would be helpful to more fully understand the situation that is being described if you could go to a music site and play the song and then read the passage again while you listened.

Sunday morning breakfast was usually a quiet time for my wife and me.

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I'm not complaining mind you but we're like comfortable chairs that we've gotten used to and I've been thinking that we're both turning 50 this year and I wouldn't want you to feel like you had missed out on something exciting that you want to do while you're still young enough to enjoy it." "Since you brought this up, do you have some ideas about reinvigorating our sex life? It's not exactly a well thought out plan yet but I've considered a few things and done some research on the Internet and there are some possibilities that I would like to talk to you about." "OK, I'm always ready to listen to suggestions.

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" "Well actually they do have those but I don't think that's the best way to begin.

I was thinking we could each find somebody that could fulfill our fantasy and spend a week indulging it while we visit places we've never been before.

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