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However, customers have long complained about customer service issues, bank synchronization problems, and a poorly implemented mobile app.Quicken is the granddaddy of personal finance software, and it’s the software users love to hate.Now that I am a Macintosh user, the question becomes how do I run Quicken for Windows on my Macintosh?Even with the release of Quicken 2018 for Mac, it doesn’t have every feature the Windows version has or function exactly the same way.For this review Quicken supplied a copy of Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property 2018 for Windows, and converted from my previous test installation of Quicken 2017.

However, these financial aggregation services tend to be read-only and are more for alerts or reporting your finances.

Not including their Macintosh version, Quicken currently has four versions of their product. Quicken’s requirements have always been the middle to low end of new computers.

Yes, it can be confusing which product to purchase. The specs listed below shouldn’t be an issue if your hardware is less than three years old.

Quicken requires you to purchase the desktop application, which then sends your information to their free mobile app. New users who like the idea of keeping their personal finance information on their desktop might want to seriously consider Quicken, as it still has the most features of any personal finance app.

And for individuals who want their data stored offline, Quicken is still the best bet.

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