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Typically there are 3 types of lawyers you will interact with when purchasing a house.Firstly, there is a conveyancing lawyer who is the person that will draft documents needed to effect a property transfer from one person to another (OTP, Deeds submissions, FICA documents etc). As a buyer, you have the right to pick the bond registration lawyer. Lastly, there is a bond cancellation lawyer that the seller will need for cancelling their old bond on the house. It is best to use the same lawyers as conveyance and bond registration.Here are some of the most striking outfits snapped up at this prestigious event.

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The following documents are what are required for bond application form: It normally takes about 21 days for your application to be processed and finalised through the banks. In the meantime ensure that you contact the banks to find out how far your application is in the process and if there’s any additional information required from you.

Most of the times the developers and estate agents are there on site to assist you.

Also as part of the preparation stage, it is important to speak to the banks and find out approximately how much you can afford for your purchase.

Remember the high school boyfriend that left your heart broken because you found him cheating with your best friend?

You were weeping and hoped your mother would not see your sad and teary face.

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